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Question 1

New Tecumseth is forecasted to grow by 35,000 people over the next 30 years (an almost 80% increase to the current population of 45,000). The maximum amount of land to accommodate this growth is 450 hectares. The next Official Plan will be re-written in 2023 assigning where to put these new residents.  What is your vision for where and what kind of housing should be built to accommodate this growth? Should we consider reducing the amount of land required?

Response from Donna Jebb

Town Council will work with the Planning Department and Senior Municipal Management to determine the most beneficial approach to the expansion of our settlement boundaries. We agree there is a need for all types of housing and the Planning staff are in the process of creating criteria that will apply to this growth.

Question 2

What are your thoughts on building ‘complete communities’ where people can have their basic needs met within a 15-minute walk from their house such as access to retail, green space, school, a range of housing choices and safe modes of transportation (biking, walking, public transit)?  How can this be achieved?

Response from Donna Jebb

New Tecumseth is comprised of significant rural sections, along with its main urban areas. This means vehicular transportation methods are unavoidable and necessary, yet biking, walking and public transit are realistic options in the urban centres. Of course, building ‘complete communities’ is a wonderful goal to strive for; there are so many benefits to it. Some of this drive for change would need to come from residents and future homebuyers, who can create demand for more complete and accessible communities.

Question 3

How do you suggest that downtown Alliston, Beeton, or Tottenham are revitalised after the pandemic has taken a toll on local businesses?  How can we increase economic activity without adding to the traffic congestion and more sprawling parking lots?

Response from Donna Jebb

There is an optimistic feeling in New Tecumseth now that we feel the weight of the pandemic lifting. Our local businesses are so important, and they have suffered. We need to encourage our residents to support our local businesses – shop locally! Of course, our Economic Development plan has always included attracting new businesses and industries to our area, it is an ongoing effort. New businesses and industries help revitalize communities by providing residents with an opportunity to work where they live.

Question 4

The 2019-2022 TNT Strategic Plan has a Pillar of “Environmental Sustainability: Lead in promoting and preserving our unique physical environment.”  Climate change is not mentioned in this plan.  What are the biggest threats to the local environment and what are your proposed solutions?

Response from Donna Jebb

Our municipality has joined the Climate Change Strategy Group, which is run by the County, and has started to develop a new Climate Change Control strategy for New Tecumseth. It is actively reviewing new technologies available to lower our carbon footprint.

Question 5

The price of home ownership or rent for many in TNT is unaffordable. What can be done municipally to increase housing affordability?

Response from Donna Jebb

Affordable housing is an issue across most towns and cities in Ontario; New Tecumseth is no exception. We need to have a variety of housing options that would accommodate (and appeal to) various demographics and age groups. It is important to note that Simcoe County is starting the redevelopment of Simcoe Manor, which will provide many housing (and long-term care) options for Seniors.

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